Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cleaning and the Twos

Honestly, I like cleaning. It's true. (I promise, family!) I'm definitley my mother's daughter and that's just one place where it totally shows. I was house-sitting for a friend last week and I was excited to clean her house. I've been living in a place where people clean for me and I was excited to do it myself! Weird, I know. But for some reason, I find a WAY greater joy in cleaning someone else's house or cleaning for company than I do just cleaning for the day to day. I mean, does my 2-year-old son REALLY care if there is a little sticky yogurt on his bib from that morning? No. Will it get sticky again? Yes. Is it worth it to clean 5 times a day? You be the judge. But if I'm cleaning for someone else, I'm totally a perfectionist (well, as perfectionist as I get). The smallest speck totally bugs me. When we were leaving our last house I got all crazy over a few specks of dirt we left on the rug. Hmmm... and I always thought my husband was the OCD one...

On another note, the terrible twos have reared their ugly head. My son makes me so happy and I love to kiss his soft, plump cheeks, but sometimes there is nothing that annoys me more than his little sweet face!!! AH! He's learning how to be independent and defy his parents' orders, the stinker. I'm totally becoming "that mom" with the kid in church who doesn't leave or even flinch when her son screams cause she's become so accustomed to the sound. Ah....kids these days... What d'ya do?

The boy acting all sweet and innocent with his cute little girly friend

Dad teaching him how to chew and spit sunflower seeds. An essential male skill. 


The Lowe Family said...

he's such a chunk!! i love it!

The Chou Family said...

okay, who are you and what did you do with paige? you like cleaning? are you kidding me????? what happened? also, gabe is really really cute.