Friday, May 22, 2009

It's in the good stuff

Hi. Ok, I'm a genious. I just figured out how to post from my phone. Sweet. My blog has seen better days cause my computer and Internet are without my reach for a while. Don't ask. My life is crazier than you're thinking.

So I'm pretty positive the movie, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, was my all time favorite growing up. It even beat out the likes of Newsies and Indiana Jones (although they were very strong competitors). There was just something about the dancing, the young love, and the rebellion that put a fire in my blood. I couldn't help but make up my own dance routines and sweet outfits during the closing credits. Even now when I hear Cindy Lauper's shrill voice singing that familiar song I can't help but get psyched up and ready to face the world!

Its crazy how music and memories do that to us. Kind of the same way country music always makes me want to open my windows and do a little spring cleaning. Oh where would my home be without a little bit of that lovin'?!

Everything from long runs to lonely nights to spring dance parties got a good kick from life's little gems. All I can say is thank goodness for the good stuff like that!

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The Lowe Family said...

okay so email me and tell me how to do that.

and u typed that whole thing from ur phone?? wow.